23 September 2009

The Hambledon is ten

I was lucky enough to join in with the Hambledon's 10th Birthday celebrations. It was great to see the shop in the flesh as I'd previously only browsed at their wonderful wares via the Robert Ryan illustrated website.
Shots of the balloon clad shop and of my end papers in the book designed by Sandy Suffield to mark the occasion. It can be viewed in full here.

Also, some of my cards are now available online at Minor Mail.

And feeling nostalgic about Glasgow School of Art after watching this.

9 September 2009


I've always been into numbers and when a date comes along like it has today (09.09.09) I get a bit more excited about it than most other people. I'd been eagerly waiting since 1988 for my Birthday to arrive last year on 08.08.08.

Above is a piece I made for Lisa (Happy Birthday) and my Birthday invite last year.

8 September 2009


On 21 June my friend Nick Hand set off from Bristol on a sponsored bike ride around the coast of Great Britain. He's been making soundslide films along the way of artisans and uploading them on his Slowcoast website.
The images above are taken from Nick's Soundslide interview with Paul Smith. Other personal favourites are of Old Town Outfitters, Bill Bontoft the stick maker, Tilda Swinton's and Mark Cousins' Pilgrimage Film Festival, RS Bowie Bike shop and Aardman animation. But they are all so very inspiring. It's such a worthwhile project, 3707 miles in (and counting) he's raised money and shown us the rich variety of dedicated artisans that populate our coastline.