26 November 2010

Candy Cane

Work in progress snaps of new work for Candy Cane, including collaborative tea towels with Joanna Rucklidge. Candy Cane Fair is on this Saturday 27th November at Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, 10 to 4 pm. All are welcome.

30 October 2010


Kate Spade mittens and stunning painted stairs at the London pop up shop.
Until November 10th.

4 October 2010

Cards at Pelicans and Parrots

Pelicans and Parrots is a new vintage shop in London's Dalston. It's the place to head to if you're after some wall-mounted antlers, a Printclub screenprint, an original 1950's settee, a carnival feather headdress or one of my hand printed cards.

1 October 2010

Istanbul - Windows

Reminds me of Ensor Holiday's mathematic research into the recurrence and links between certain geometric designs found all over the world. As mentioned in my blog last year.

30 September 2010

Istanbul - Sihirli Daireler

Most of us know it as Spirograph, but many Istanbul street vendors sell little sets packaged as Sihirli Daireler (Magic Circles). One of the said street vendors takes the credit for the bottom two pics. These magic patterns never fail to amaze me.

Istanbul sketchbook

Click to enlarge.

I've just returned from an inspiring trip to Istanbul.

My holiday read was Istanbul: Memories and the City by Orhan Pamuk. There is a whole chapter devoted to Hüzün, the Turkish word for Melancholy. He writes- "hüzün, which denotes a melancholy that is communal rather than private. Offering no clarity; veiling reality instead, hüzün brings us comfort, softening the view like the condensation on a window when a tea kettle has been spouting steam on a winter's day."

27 July 2010


Top image from flickr via ffffound
Bottom image by the art collective Gelatin at Galerie Meyer Kainer via I'm Revolting

20 July 2010

Hot Summer

I've been working on some interesting commercial animation projects over the summer (which are still under wraps) This collection of images aims to capture the unusually hot summer we're having here in London.

The 4th image features a postcard of Amber Mattress by Rachel Whiteread.

15 June 2010

Army Learning, Different Class

Click to view.

A few months back I worked as part of the team doing cell animation at Why Not Associates on these promos for COI/British Army. Illustration by Alan Baker.
They are now on air.

21 May 2010

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot's much talked about installation at the
Barbican is well worth a visit.
Zebra finches happily flutter around pecking and strumming on guitars.I found it charming, beautiful and entertaining.
It ends on Sunday.

20 May 2010

May days

A work in progress screen print experiment and a close up on a birthday card.

6 May 2010

X in the box day

Having just made my way to the polling station, I was thinking about the first time I went to cast my vote wearing stripy trousers, which as I now recall happened to be the colours of the 3 main political parties.
Below is an image I created as part of an ongoing collaborative project with Joanna Rucklidge, that we will show in full one day.

28 April 2010

Small gems

A selection of images from Puppenhausmuseum's online archive.

27 March 2010


Me splashing digital paint around at the Decode exhibition at the V&A.
Body Paint by Mehmet Akten.
The exhibition is on until April 11th.

This and the post below remind me of the Holi Festival.

Magali Paulin

24 March 2010

London Eye

Sketches I made on the spot, recording the construction of the London Eye. I was intrigued by the graphic structure as it took shape. little did I know that ten years on it would have established itself as an iconic part of the London skyline. 

More here.