13 February 2013

Cards at Smug

Whilst I was working at Lupus Films last year, I often walked past the beautiful windows of Smug in Camden Passage Islington and made note to contact them about my cards. I'm very pleased that they are stocking my Valentine's card. Above you can get a sense of the beautifully arranged shop and their Guinea Pig logo and a selection of their Valentine's gift ideas, all available online including my card.

Top photograph by Hilary Walker.


The Valentine's card stockists are;

Frank, Hastings
GSA Shop, Glasgow
Smug, London
Stag & Bow, London


  1. your cards are great, fiona!
    I hadn't come across gocco printers until reading about your work and I was immediately heartbroken when I saw this cool product I'd only just discovered had been discontinued.
    However, through the power of christmassy magic, Santa managed to bring me one this year. So far i've been too chicken to try it out, those bulbs are too precious to waste on any old doodle!
    Hopefully sometime soon I'll find a reason to break it out :)

    Have a lovely non-cynical Valentine's day today

    vv x

  2. Hello Vida,
    Welcome to the Gocco gang! I know what you mean about being precious with the kit! I ration my use of them, to keep the fun going for as many years as I can. I can't wait to see your first print, I know it will be wonderful!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!