16 November 2014

The story behind my string drawing.

Detail of String in Trees

Whilst on holiday in Istanbul in September 2010, we went on a day trip to the island of Büyükada on an incredibly overcrowded ferry. I spoke to a Turkish lady sitting next to me who said that we were very lucky to have come today as it was a "special day". As we made our way with the crowds up the steep path we watched as people lay coloured threads along the side of the path, amongst trees and bushes all the way to the top of the hill where there was a small Church and stunning views. It was only later that we discovered we'd managed to stumble across a pilgrimage that happens on two days a year. Each colour string representing a different wish or aspiration. This drawing was inspired by that day and I think it's a memory that is likely to appear in my work for a long time to come.
This drawing is available as a print from Whistlefish Galleries.
And it is also my current twitter header. Twitter name FionaWoodcock.

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