24 January 2012

Word in Motion film.

(The film can be viewed bigger over on the vimeo page.)

Here's my 20 second film of a poem by Mikill Pane. It was an ambitious project to get done in a week, but was a wonderful opportunity to indulge my love of hand drawn typography. I hand animated and painted all the artwork, which was composited in After Effects by Jason Guest.

Also, please note the film is silent.

See previous blog post below for more info and at Smile for London.


  1. Couldn't think of a better notion than to indulge that hand-drawn typography bizzo. Very sweet indeedy. And I, for one, enjoyed the 'silent'.

  2. Hi Tania, Thank you! So lovely to hear from you. I've just had a good snoop at your blog- wonderful work and gorgeous pics.x