1 February 2012

The Snow Child

(Click to enlarge.)

These illustrations formed the basis for an online trailer for Eowyn Ivey's debut novel The Snow Child. The book is set 'at the world's edge' in the raw Alaskan wilderness, which proved to be an evocative and chilling subject matter for my ink drawings and mono prints. The illustrations were animated by Verdant Films to create the final trailer that can be viewed here.
An early book review captured the essence of what I set out to convey in the snowy images:
"This book is real magic, shot through from cover to cover with the cold, wild beauty of the Alaskan frontier. Eowyn Ivey writes with all the captivating delicacy of the snowfalls she so beautifully describes." - Ali Shaw Author of Girl with Glass Feet.

The Snow Child has made it onto Waterstone's 11, a selection of the best debut novels of 2012.
The book is out Today - 1st February 2012.
Published in the UK by Headline Review and Little, Brown & Co. in the US.


  1. that is exactly how I pictured Jack and Mabel in my mind :)

  2. I only just saw your comment. Thank you so much.